Care Wipes

Care Wipes – Wipes for Body Care.

Care Wipes are a compliment to health care and the daily hygiene.

Wet wipes are used more and more and it is, today, a part of the daily family routines. Nowadays we also see Wet Wipe ranges adapted for medical services. Resource savings is a key word. By using Care Wipes we can achieve time savings as well as increased quality of care and hygiene for the patients.

Saves time and makes it easier for staff.

Time is a resource to be increasingly valuable. When using personal wipes , an acceptable level of personal hygiene can be achieved. It is time consuming to give the patient time to a shower or bath, which is a risk being prioritized away. The option for a comfortable self-esteem and hygiene is a daily washing with well selected wipe, designed for individual patient.

Wipes optimized for home service

Care Wipes are available in several sizes and qualities to fit the type of patient care needed at the specific moment.
All our wash- and body- Care Wipes are labeled with the Nordic Eco label and dermatologically tested.

For home care.

Care Wipe is an excellent product for care in the home environment. Easy to use, minimal environmental impact and excellent skin care for the patient makes the Care Wipe a natural choice.

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